"Episode 1: A DAY EARLY?!?!" is the 1st episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

☀The plot of Episode 1 is the introduction to Oregon, Autumncrest City. In the beginning, Scott Robinson (who lives with his dad in Utah, Central Falls is packing up to go live with his brother in Oregon. His brother, DJ (D’brickashaw Johnson) is actually his half brother due to Scott’s mother leaving both sides of the families. The reason Scott goes to live with him is because he needs family to support him due to his dad dying recently. When Scott flies on the plane and reaches Autumncrest City, he realizes his half-brother was just fine on his own. After he settles down in the room his brother had readied for him, he realizes he has to go to school since it hadn’t started yet. The next day, which is actually Sunday, DJ and Scott panic thinking today’s the first day of school when they’re actually a day earlier. Surprisingly, they’re not the only ones. When they reach the school they suppose everyone else is late since there are only a few 'students' walking around. They see a random girl (later to be revealed as Ashley Foxx // The Yandere) go up on the roof and follow her waiting for the bell to ring. They follow her only to hear her say something strange and as soon as they turn back around, she’s gone. They go downstairs trying to head to their homeroom when they see a kid (Later to be revealed as Louis) standing around by the door of one of the classrooms. He asks them a couple questions and they quickly become friends. After ten minutes, they notice no one has shown up so they wonder why everyone is so late. They explore the school, a teacher notices them and they run out onto the football field. Later, Louis gets a call from his girlfriend informing him where he was since he wasn’t at his house. He told her he was at school and she then states the day was Sunday. After they all facepalm themselves, go home and DJ  talks to Scott about life. At the end, the random teacher talks to the mysterious girl about a ‘new lover’ arriving in AutumnCrest.


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